10 Facts - Boros Bunker - Berlin

1. Location: Reinhardtstr. 20, Berlin-Mitte.
2. Architect: Karl Bonatz under supervision of Albert Speer
3. Constructed: 1942 as an air-raid shelter for civilians. Renovated to current state in 2007.
4. Function today: Houses Christian Boros private collection of contemporary art, the top floor is the residence of Christian and Karen Boros.
5. Functions over the years: Used as war prison by the Red Army. Textile warehouse. Warehouse for imported tropical fruit from Cuba, then known as the Banana Bunker. Housing hardcore techno and fetish parties. Housing an erotic trade fair called Sexperimenta.
6. Walls and roof: The bunker has 2 m thick concrete walls and a 3 m thick concrete roof.
7. Size: 3000 divided into 80 small rooms.
8. Art: Current exhibition features the work of Ai Weiwei, Olafur Eliasson 18 other artist. 
9. Type of art: The exhibition features many different types of art. Installations, light, sound, sculptures, paintings, photography etc.
10. Access: The exhibition is only open to guided tours that can be booked here. The admission fee is 12 Euro and we really recommend you to make a visit when in Berlin.