10 Facts - Centre Pompidou - Paris

1. Location: Beaubourg, central Paris.
2. Name: Named after Georges Pompidou, president of France 1969-1974.
3. Design origin: The winner of a design competition that attracted 681 proposals from 49 countries, by then the biggest architectural competition in France’s history.
4. Architects: Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Gianfranco Franchini.
5. Other works by the architects: Lloyd’s Building (Rogers) The Shard (Piano).
6. Construction: 1971-1977.
7. Size: 10 Floors, 100 000 .
8. Style: High tech.
9. Concept: External load-bearing structure, installations and vertical communications free up a flexible internal exhibition space.
Color-coded circulation systems explain how the building functions to the visitor.
10. Main Features: Exhibition space, panoramic views of Paris, library, cinemas, performance space, lecture theatre.