studio esinam is a creative studio and brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The studio was founded by architect and art director duo Josefine Lilljegren and Sebastian Gokah in the spring of 2013.

All our products are made in Sweden using environmentally friendly materials.

studio esinam’s main ambition is to communicate architecture in fresh and new ways that inspire people to explore interesting buildings, places and cities.

To us architecture is much more than just buildings. It’s embedded in every aspect of our lives. In the warm interior of your favorite café, the canopy under which you wait for a downpour to settle while hearing the rain hitting the leaves mixed with the sound of passing cars in the background. It’s a distant memory coming back when a new season arrives or when returning to a place you once visited.

Architecture has infinite layers of meaning and is experienced differently by each person and in each state of mind. Our ambition is to convey some of the the special qualities of architecture through the variety of projects that we work with.

about the creative studio

Our creative studio works with property developers, architects and real estate agencies to develop, visualize and communicate ideas and visions.

If you want to  know more about our services contact us at studio@studioesinam.se



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