Isometric 2d Library

studio esinam's Isometric 2d Library is a comprehensive isometric object library for architects.

The library contains 1000+ isometric CAD illustrations, including People, Vehicles, Trees & Plants and Objects & Furniture.

The library is intended as a resource that allows turning raw isometric views into engaging sketches and presentation drawings that communicates the projects atmosphere and programming without spending tens of hours on every view.


500+ isometric illustrations of people for Urban Development, Residential, Office, Bath, Recreation, Resort, Cultural, Kindergarten, Hospital projects and more.


100+ isometric illustrations of vehicles including, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Trains, Trams, Subway Trains, Ships, Boats, Airplanes, Helicopters, Balloons, Zeppelins, and Service Vehicles.

Trees & Plants

150+ isometric illustrations of Trees & Plants. All tree and plant types include 10-20 variations to create a natural variation in the drawings.

Objects & Furniture

400+ drawings of Objects for a variety of scales and project types and Generic Furniture for different types of projects.

The library contains drawings of different levels of detail to fit drawings and sketches of different scales.

Each type of tree comes in a variety of sizes and shapes (10-20) to make it possible to only use one type for an entire drawing / sketch or series of drawings / sketches without appearing repetitive.

File formats

DWG, PDF and Archicad 2D objects (.GSM).
PNG with transparent background.

All objects have optional white background.


A download link with all files will be sent to you at the release date in Oct / Nov 2022.

Student Licence

One pre-ordered student licence can be used by up to 3 students. Order student licence here.


Can the entire company download and use the library? Yes, one licence allows everyone at the company to use the drawings.

I have purchased the library but did not receive the download link? This is a pre-order, the product will be delivered in Oct / Nov 2022.

Can up to 3 students purchase 1 student licence to share? Yes, one student licence can be shared by up to three students.

For any other questions please use the chat box or email Sebastian at 


Company lifetime licence* - £2450 excl VAT

Student Licence available here.

Freelancer commercial licence available here.

*Licence allows unlimited use in architecture drawings and sketches for architecture projects. For other usage please contact studio esinam to request a quote. 

Payment methods: Paypal, VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

© studio esinam All illustrations are the work and property of studio esinam.