Happy New Year

Thanks for this year and wish you all a great start to 2017!

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Holiday shopping

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Winter News

Next week we are releasing four new prints:

The World Map
Featuring 218 countries and territories.

Los Angeles Elevations
Featuring the LAX Theme Building, Chemosphere, Hollywood Sign,
Eastern Columbia Building and the Eames House.

Shanghai Elevations
Featuring the Shanghai Customs House, Longhua Pagoda,
Jin Mao Tower, SWFC and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Melbourne Landmarks
Featuring the Melbourne Star, Eureka Tower and Flinders Street Station

They are now available for pre-orders in the shop.


Winter News

The new World Map is now available for pre-orders. The map lists 218 countries and territories.
A great way to get an update on the geography lessons and a perfect gift for the holidays.

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News - Fall 2016

In two weeks we are releasing Amsterdam and Oslo Landmarks, 50 x 70 cm.
The prints can be pre-ordered here.


New season

Hope you are enjoying the last weeks of summer. Look forward to an
exciting fall with new projects that we hope you will enjoy. See you soon.

Photo by Rory Gardiner.



Today we are releasing the new print series Colors. The series is inspired
by the Nordic light and landscape. It’s a minimalistic take on traditional
Nordic scenes reduced to simple fields of color. The prints come in a
numbered limited edition of 1000. They are printed on uncoated Swedish
high quality design paper and measure 70 x 100 cm. 

See more here.

Styling: Susanna Vento
Photography: Riikka Kantinkoski



Brutalist Buildings print

Here is the new Brutalist Buildings print featuring elevation drawings of
the Trellick Tower, Boston City Hall, National Theatre and FIlmhuset in

The print is available in a limited edition here.




Today we are releasing Utopia a collaboration with London based architecture photographer Rory Gardiner.

Check out the full series here and the limited edition prints here.


Love Architecture

Today we are releasing the first stories of our online magazine Love Architecture.

Photo: Rory Gardiner



Release dates for upcoming new print series and online magazine:

Love Architecture will be released on march 28.
Two new limited edition print series will be released first week of April.


Happy New Year

We'd like to thank everyone for 2015. We look forward to 2016 and the
release of some new projects.

In the spring we will finally release our online magazine Love Architecture.

The Elevations and Landmarks series will see some anticipated cities
added including Oslo and Amsterdam. New print series will also be
released during the spring.

More to come regarding this soon. If you want to be updated on the
upcoming releases, sign up for our newsletter here.

Wish you a great start to 2016.

/ studio eisnam


New York

Today we're releasing New York Elevations and Landmarks!

New York Elevations

New York Landmarks

 Photography: Hilda Grahnat


New Prints

Soon we're releasing new cities to our print collection.
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København Elevations and Landmarks

Today we are releasing København Elevations and Landmarks. The prints
are in a limited edition of 1000 and pay homage to the architecture of
Denmark's capital.

Using simple line drawings, the new Landmarks and Elevations posters
depict both Copenhagen’s ornate 18th century grandeur and its
pared-back Modernism that evolved 250 years later. A large proportion
of the city’s iconic buildings fall into these two categories, evidence of
Denmark’s most culturally prosperous periods.

The monochrome prints contrast the decorative Rococo style of the
domed Marmorkirken with the stark, repetitive facade of the Danmarks
Nationalbank, designed by the country’s most celebrated Modernist
architect: Arne Jacobsen.

Another Modernist, Kaare Klint, had a hand in the completion of the
fluted Grundtvigs Kirke, originally designed by his father. The austere
church’s angular staggered roof can be compared to the spiral spire of
Vor Frelsers Kirke, completed almost two centuries earlier and lavishly
adorned with gold details.

Also included is the mixed-matched terrace of buildings along the Nyhavn
waterfront – which predates all of the structures mentioned above.
Despite conforming to neither of the prevalent styles, this scene still
provides the endearing image of Copenhagen.

The new Elevations print illustrates five Copenhagen buildings.
Grundtvigs Kirke, Marmorkirken and Vor Frelsers Kirke are shown
alongside Nationalbanken and Nyhavn.

The Landmarks edition depicts Grundtvigs Kirke, Marmorkirken and
the facades along Nyhavn canal.




Last week we visited the Danish capital to shoot some additional reference
material ahead of next weeks release of two new Copenhagen prints.
The release date is set to the 25th of March. More photos here.


New Prints

Today we are releasing London Elevations and London Landmarks.
The limited edition prints are available at our web shop and at our retailers.


London Elevations

London Elevations and Landmarks to be released on March 5.



Here are some photos from the London visit on which we shot material
for the upcoming London Elevations print. You can see more photos on
Pinterest or Instagram.



New Landmarks

Here are the latest additions to the Landmarks series, Tokyo, Paris,
Berlin and Stockholm.


New Prints

Today we are releasing three new prints! Stockholm as a continuation of
the Elevations series and Göteborg and Brooklyn to start the new series
Landmarks. The limited edition prints will be available at our web shop
and at retailers.

In the Landmarks series we pay honor to buildings and monuments that
have become synonymous with places, neighborhoods and cities as whole.
What fascinates us about these buildings is that their symbolic values
have become so much greater than the value of their actual function and
aesthetics as such. As if it’s no longer the building we see when looking
at them but the stories that surrounds them. They have gone from being
buildings to something else. In a way summarizing the essence what the
place means to us, in all it’s complexity and simplicity.

Photography: Patrik Hagborg


The great origami work featured in the Göteborg styling was created
by Gothenburg based creative artist Lisa Marie Andersson the
founder of Up The Wooden Hills.






Stockholm Elevations

Stockholm Elevations will be released this Friday, Oct 31. It will be
available in our web shop and at selected retailers. The print is in
limited edition.





Göteborg & Brooklyn Landmarks

The two first prints in the Landmarks series will be released on Friday,
Oct 31. The limited edition series will measure 50 x 70 cm and will be
available at our web shop and at selected retailers
from this Friday.



Stockholm Elevations

Stockholm Elevations to be released at the end of October. Here is a
detail form the print.





We will soon release a new 50 x 70 cm limited edition series called




Berlin Penthouse

The Berlin and Tokyo elevations prints feature in the clean styling of
this bright and airy Berlin penthouse, styled by Sarah Van Peteghem
for Fantastic Frank.

Styling: Sarah Van Peteghem
Photography: Daniele Ansidei



Berlin Elevations

Berlin is the latest addition to the series elevations. The German capital
is a city in which the architecture tells the story of centuries of glory and
destruction. But it’s also an example of how buildings from different times
and styles can correlate to form a dynamic, diverse and living present.

Represented on the print are the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Victory
column, Berlin TV Tower, Galeriehaus am Kupfergraben and the
New National Gallery.

Styling and photography: Hilda Grahnat