About the library

Take your presentation drawings and sketches to the next level with our new, extensive 2D CAD library.
For the last decade we have created presentation drawings and sketches for some of the world´s leading architecture firms and developers.

The drawing is one of the most important and common tools to communicate a projects functions, context, scale and intentions in different phases of a project.

As the drawing is a form of illustration, it requires a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail to be able to communicate qualities and functions in an engaging and clear way. This has been a problem for many practices that don't have the time to develop a high quality in-house object library. 

This product offers access to an extensive library that will instantly increase the quality of your practice's drawings and sketches while saving time when preparing drawings for presentations by having everything you need in one place.


1000+ illustrations

20+ different types of trees in plan.
20+ different types of trees in elevation.
20+ different types of plants and shrubbery in plan.
20+ different types of plants and shrubbery in elevation.

Every type has 5-20 variations.

400+ people for Residential, Office, Education, Public Space, Landscape, Sports, Religious, Hospitality, Cultural and Healthcare.

100+ symbols for furniture etc.

File formats

DWG, Revit 2D Families and Archicad 2D Library.

All objects are also available in one DWG file in addition to individual files, so that you can edit objects if you wish to.

All objects have optional backgrounds

Uniform line weight.

The library features hundreds of people doing activities that help explaining the functions and qualities of a project. All people are available as detailed drawings, outlines only and filled silhouettes.

The library is categorised by project type so that you can quickly find the objects you need for your sketch or drawing.

All 20+ tree types come in 5-20 variations to make it quick and easy to build a scene without the feeling of repetition.

All trees are meticulously drawn and have a variety of expressions to suit different scales and projects while having a consistent quality and balance that allows them to work together.

The variation of trees aim to mimic the gradual variations found in nature to give an harmonious expression.

By being available as Archicad and Revit libraries you can easily change all trees on a plan to a different kind and test different types of trees.


A download link with all files will be sent to your email when the files are ready to be downloaded.

If you pre-order the product your download link will be sent in late June as soon as the product is ready.

Pre-orders only. Delivery late June, 2019.


Can the entire company download and use the library? Yes, one licence allows everyone at the company to use the drawings.

When will the library be available to download? Late June, 2019.

Do all objects have optional white background? Yes.

Do you offer a student licence for student work / portfolio? Yes, student licence is available for purchase here (DWG only).

For any other questions please use the chat box or email Sebastian at sebastian@studioesinam.com 


Company lifetime licence* - £795 excl VAT

*Licence allows unlimited use in architecture drawings and sketches for architecture projects. For other usage please contact studio esinam to request a quote. 

Pre-orders only. Delivery of files, late June. DWG, Revit 2D families, Archicad 2D library included.

Payment methods: VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Student licence available for purchase here (DWG only).

© studio esinam All illustrations are the work and property of studio esinam.