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cut out people by studio esinam is a professional cut out library for architects and visual studios.

The library contains 3000+ high resolution cut out people and is regularly updated with new cut outs.

About the Library

The ambition with the library is to provide a diverse collection of people that convey the activities of urban life in a realistic and genuine way.

The library is online based and features a filtering tool that allows to filter by activity, profession, color schemes and many other criteria.

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   3000+ hi-res cut out people

•   New cut out people added monthly

   Licensed for commercial use

   Team Licence for entire company

   Diverse Urban Demographic

   Time saving filtering tool

   One click download

   Drag and drop builds crowds in minutes 

   Hi-res png format


Team licence (billed annually)

£49/ month
billed annually

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Team licence
(billed montly)

£95/ month
billed monthly 

email to set up a subscription billed monthly.